Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the percentage that appears when I share my results?
It's a single figure that allows you to measure your progress and compare how well you are doing with other players. The precentage is based on winning streaks, the number of puzzles completed, and the number of guesses taken
How can I review the definitions for kupu I have already guessed after a game?
Tap Refresh on your browser (F5 on a device keyboard). The kupu definitions will be shown again.
Why does Panga accept a kupu that doesn't seem to be real?
Panga's list of acceptable kupu is drawn from the Te Ngutu Kura Free Māori Spell Checker Version 3. This include proper nouns (people's names for example), and place names and acronyms. This makes sense for a spell checker but is less useful for Panga. There also seem to be a few typos and errors that have slipped in.

My plan is to remove kupu where I cannot find a definition.

Where does the kupu _____ come from?
Click here for kupu sources. Panga considers any kupu listed in Te Ngutu Kura Free Māori Spell Checker Version 3 to be a valid kupu. Over time I will purge Panga of proper nouns and acronyms that came from that list.
Why did you create Panga?
Josh Wardle did the creative work of creating Wordle. I adapted Wordle to support Te Reo, which was a bit more work than some people assume, always acknowledging the code was used without permission. Once I proved I could do it and it worked and people were interested, I sought permission from Mr Wardle. Wordle was then sold to the New York Times so I was confident permission would not be given and developed my own code completely from scratch.

Why? I saw this tweet from David Wood, who I don't even follow on Twitter, but was replying to someone I do. I agreed: it would be great to have a Te Reo version and went to see if anyone had made one. No one had. By the end of the year I though I'd look to see if it was possible so I had a look at the Wordle code. To my enormous surprise I could run the code on my own PC. After a bit of poking I found that I could fairly easily add kupu, with a bit of work set up the keyboard, a lot of work support wh and ng, and significant work to add definitions.

Now I keep working on it because people seem to want it.

If you don't see the answer to your question here, you might like to check my kaupapa before you ask a question