No Marketing or Tracking

No advertisements (ads), no tracking, no analytics, no identity matching.

I will never take money for Panga.

I may display information and links to organisations or people that I think deserve promotion. Your playing Panga will never depend on your response or support for these organisations or people in any way. I will never take money or any other benefit from showing such information.

No need to login, no pushing of texts or emails, no pushing for your time or engagement, no personal information collected. I don't have a Privacy Policy because I don't collect any information about you.

Panga is a simple game to take a few minutes of your time at most once a day. Maybe you will learn something, or help remember kupu you already know.

It's not intended to be competitive. There's no leaderboard. I don't have any record of your results. Yes, some people share their results on social media. Please don't share the kupu of the day or give clues. Everyone is trying to solve the same hidden kupu.

Local data is stored on your device - you may see this referred to as a "local cookie". It stays on your device. Their only purpose is to keep track of things like your win streaks. If you move to another device, that new device doesn't know anything about your Panga history. If this is really a major concern of yours, contact me about it But it's just a little game. Someday you might lose your win history. My advice is to let it go.

There are no public cookies that I receive, unless I have stuffed up. Do let me know if that happens, or if you have any other concerns.

Data Sent and Received

You download the entire game on to your device and it is played on your device. Your device will contact my server to ask for definitions of kupu. I will record what kupu are being sent to me, but not who sends them.

You will be able to send me kupu that you think should be in the valid kupu list, and you can choose to offer your definition and other comments. You will have the option of including your name and contact details if you want to be credited for contributing the kupu. You can also contribute anonymously.


I (Wayne McDougall) am not the right person to support Panga. I am Pākehā, have almost no Te Reo, have never programmed in the source language JavaScript, have no educational qualifications, and I'm not affiliated with anyone else.

If someone wants to take over Panga, or replace it with something better you have my support. I have one proviso: Don't be Evil. If you're doing it just to make money, or exploit or track people, you can't expect my support. That said, I would completely understand someone else displaying reasonable non-invasive ads or accepting donations. I don't expect people to be as extreme as me.

So handover would consist of me (301 permanent) redirecting my Panga address to your website (if you wanted me to). And the @pangapuzzle Twitter having a pinned tweet pointing at your game. I would not hand over my domain or the pangapuzzle twitter handle but would stop using them, unless you went evil. That would be pretty much determined by me getting lots of messages saying "bring back the old Panga - the new one has gone evil or closed down".

I just want a Te Reo version of Wordle to exist. It doesn't have to be supported be me. It doesn't have to be Panga.

Social Media

I'm on Twitter as @pangapuzzle. If you follow me, I'll follow you. I will follow people who tweet their Panga results. This is currently all done manually, so if I miss you, and you want me to follow you, just let me know. It wasn't personal.

I don't expect you to follow me back. If you don't want me to follow you just let me know or block me. It won't make any difference to you playing Panga. If you have a locked account, I'm not going to notice and just click on Follow. Just reject or ignore if you don't want me to follow.

If you find all this Twitter following to be inappropriate do let me know. I'm trying to do the right thing.

The account will be used for talking about Panga and Pasa, and very occasionally some language resource. No one should be disadvantaged by not following me on Twitter. My personal Twitter account is @waynemcdougall. I advise you not to follow me. I tweet about what I'm reading, which doesn't mean I agree with it. And my cooking. And earthquakes. And chess.


Some people have said Panga will be a fun exercise in class. I am making changes to make it slightly more helpful as a learning tool.

If you have ideas for something specifically educational, you are welcome to contact me. Anything I do will be done for free. It's also possible that there is someone in the ngāti Panga who would like to bring their skills to bear, although not necessarily for free. I can share requests and ideas with the community of players.


I have not consulted with anyone with knowledge of Te Reo or tikanga. I do not expect people to offer their valuable time and expertise without fair compensation. I do not expect people to answer my questions when we do not have an existing relationship. I am not able to offer compensation to support a simple, free game. I am very grateful to those who have offered advice, comments and resources.


If you have any suggestions for changes, you can always contact me